Sweetness Ultimate Basketball Picks Results

Sweetness  Basketball Picks for 2/15/20

Ultimate Basketball Picks (11-2)

$1350 profit ($200 pick)  (-210 on parlays)

  • Over Duke 1st half (W)
  • Creighton 1st half (W)
  • Over Creighton 1st half (W)
  • Missouri 1st half (W)
  • Over 1st half Auburn and Missouri (W)
  • Syracuse  (W)
  • Over Syrcuase and FSU (W)
  • Over 137 Auburn and Missouri (W)
  • money line parlay (W)
  • money line parlay (W)
  • money line parlay(W)
  • Notre Dame 1st half  (L)
  • Money Line parlay  (L)

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